What Not to Wear: Senior Portrait Rendition

To help you better prepare for your senior portrait session, here is a list of helpful tidbits to remember for picture day. By following these guidelines, your photos will be sure to turn out as amazing as possible!

General Advice:

EVERYTHING must be brought in on hangers!

Not only does this help prevent wrinkles, but it allows you to be organized during your session since we hang everything up on the clothing rack in order of your outfit changes

Do NOT wear any of your outfits in the car on the ride over to our studio... who knows what could happen

Let's keep your clothes pristine... no seat beat wrinkles, no coffee stains, and no pit stains from when you accidentally run someone over

Not sure what to wear... bring in several options for the photographer to choose from

We really don't mind if you bring in your entire closet. We'd rather be able to help you select the perfect outfit for your different backgrounds than only have a few things to choose from that may or may not work

Only bring in clothes you're 100% confident in

If you feel your best, you're going to look your best!

Get everything prepared and ready to go the night before your session so you're not freaking out in the morning

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Nothing is more nerve-wracking than remembering you forgot to bring something at the last minute

Think through your outfits from head-to-toe and don't leave anything behind

Whether it's a special neckless or a piece of sports equipment (or even something as basic as your pants), make sure you have the essentials

Do NOT wear bold prints (plaid, big horizontal stripes, etc.) in the gardens... this can be very distracting

Such patterns on girls and guys draw attention away from the face, and really stand out in the natural garden setting

Watch out for tan lines!

Make sure your cautious while out in the sun to prevent noticeable tan lines... but if you already have them (whether they're from sports or sunbathing), consider wearing clothes that cover those specific areas

Have pimples? Don't freak out and feel like giving up on life

First off, you are not alone. Everybody gets them. Second, blemishes can be removed as part of basic retouching

Helpful Tips for the Ladies:

Do your makeup as you normally would, just kicked up a notch

This is not the time to try something new or have a salon do exaggerated model makeup

When styling your hair, do not over-product it (we actually recommend no product at all)

When the wind blows, we want your hair to naturally move with it... nothing looks worse than having clumps of hair stuck together or strands sticking out

Only wear neutral or pink nail polish on your hands (or a French tip)

Bright colors such as lime green or stark colors such as black will immediately draw your focus to your hands instead of your face. As for the toes, they can be anything! 

Wear nude undergarments!

Any other color ALWAYS shows through. Also, if you're wearing a skinny strap dress or top, consider wearing a strapless bra

Helpful Tips for the Gentlemen:

Do NOT get a haircut within one week of picture day

 If you get your hair cut too close to your session, you end up with a scalpy look near the sideburn area

Don't get too enthusiastic with the hair gel

We appreciate you making an effort, but shiny hair does not look good

Be sure to shave the morning of

Either you have a beard or you don't. If you do, then flaunt it. If you don't, your parents aren't going to want to pay to have every single whisker retouched, so make sure you are clean-shaven.

For your yearbook photo, DO NOT borrow a suit from someone unless they are your identical twin

Fit is everything. It's important that your yearbook photo is perfect, so make sure your collar isn't gapping or the seams ready to burst... it will be noticeable and it will look bad

Getting overwhelmed? Don't be! We are always here to help... and no matter what your photos will be something you are proud of!

Feel free to message or call us if you have any questions!